National Vapor Industries Revolution!
   David Jewell, CEO, NVIMatt Schadeck, Inventor
  • Add Hydrogen to Your Vehicles Combustion thru Electrolysis!
  • Reduce toxins!- Increase Power!- Save 20%-40 % of your gas costs!
  • "On-Demand Hydrogen" not a 3,000 psi, $3,000 tank conversion!
  • 100% financing ( A-D Credit Rating ) means Savings Exceeds Payment!
  • $1,000 Federal Tax Credit! ( Get paid two ways !)
NVI vs. "The Others"
  1. Every energy struggle brings products out of the woodwork!
  2. Creating hydrogen is easy, controlling the volume is critical!
  3. Too much triggers the oxygen sensor! (uses more gasoline!)
  4. The wrong chemicals corrode the 2 electrodes- (ruining it!)
  5. NVI has the only unit that uses mineral water- (non corrosive)
  6. The 7 claims on the patent are for 3-9 amps- (not 15-30!)
  7. Others work until they corrode and fail! (it's when not if!)